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Gallery of dismantling projects

There are a number of reasons why a much-loved tree may no longer be suitable for a property. Some trees have become too large and are blocking light to the house or yard. Others have become diseased and need to be removed for safety reasons. When buying or developing a property, quite often a tree stands in the way of a great new idea.

The Trees Done team has the experience to manage your dismantling job, with tall trees be a specialty. Does your tree hang over an existing structure? No problem, we can safely get that sorted for you.

Palm trees present a unique challenge in Tauranga and surrounds. Click the button below to check out some of our palm removals.

What happens after a tree is removed? Click here to see our stump grinding work.

Storm damage

Cyclone damage forced the complete removal of this tree in Plummers Point. Our large boom lift was perfect for the job!
The wind had caused one large limb to fall off, compromising the upper canopy. The canopy was de-limbed and the trunk was blocked down. Once on the ground, we cut up the rings to 1/8ths for the local Lions to collect for charity.

Emergency removal

This damaged tree outside Otumoetai College needed urgent attention with the start of the school term looming.

Restoring natives

A good day’s work in Te Puna dismantling cedar, conifer and cherry. The owner is re- planting natives. We also removed a large bamboo grove and used the stump grinder to prepare the ground ready to re-plant grass.

Improving a rural outlook

This Whakamarama lifestyle block has amazing views from up in the hills looking down to Omokoroa and Mount Maunganui.  Views were maximised by retaining the mature trees and crown-lifting the lower limbs.
Check out the before and after pictures at right.

Katikati orchard improvements

Large poplar trees were taking up too much sunlight on this Katikati orchard. The replacement shelter belt will grow super-fast to provide protection for kiwifruit and avocado trees. Using the chip underneath the canopy provides nutrients for the soil. Plus the large wood gets turned into firewood. 


This Pohutakawa in Matua needed to make way for a new garage. Shawn and Jack took a full day to complete his job – lowering limbs and chipping the branches. The owners will get to enjoy three winters of firewood and the mulch was donated to a community garden.

Tall trees
are a specialty

Norfolk pines are spectacular trees, but this large specimen was blocking light getting through to this Brookfield house and garden. This removal took a full day for our team.

Lifestyle Block

This large poplar tree in Pahoia was getting too large for the paddock it bordered. The trunk made great firewood for the owner and the branches were all chipped on site.

Conifer removal

This large conifer in Plummers Point was blocking sunlight from a nearby kiwifruit orchard and it needed to be dismantled to increase production. This was a day and a half’s work for a crew of three using lowering techniques.


This massive Norfolk Pine at John’s bach on Cook’s Beach was a huge job, but only took a day for the team at Trees Done.


Trees Done dismantled this tree using safe and effective lowering techniques to ensure that there was no damage to the driveway and pool area. Unfortunately the tree had outgrown its location – leaving it in place would have caused cracking in the driveway and pool.

Whakamarama tree removal

This huge gum tree was in a tricky spot overhanging a shed on this Whakamarama lifestyle block. Unfortunately, rot had set in and had taken over half of the trunk diameter. This was a zero waste job – the wood chips went to Whakamarama School and the ringed up logs became firewood for the owner.