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Gallery of recent palm removal projects

Palm trees are a popular choice throughout Tauranga and surrounds, but sometimes they can grow to become a problem with branches, spikes and seeds dropping. High winds also increase the risk of flying palm spikes. Check out some pictures from just some of the challenging jobs we’ve managed around Omokoroa, Whakamarama, Tauranga and beyond.

What happens after a tree is removed? Click here to see our stump grinding work.


This project included the dismantling of three large Phoenix palms and the pruning of two.


This large phoenix palm over a swimming pool in Matua was in need of a tidy up! This was it’s first-ever prune.


This was a little job in Bethlehem. The team removed dead fronds and seed pods.
These palms will be good for two more years before next big tidy up.


The owner of this Bethlehem property was concerned about the danger arising from palm spikes flying about in strong winds. This full-day job included a stump grind which left the site ready for new grass to be sown.

Mount Maunganui

In Valley Road, Mount Maunganui, this palm tree was causing problems for the young family living here by dropping spikes everywhere. This dismantle involved using a Hiab truck to complete the job successfully.

Prune in Otumoetai

By removing the lower fronds on a palm tree, not only does the appearance improve but more sunlight enters the garden which encourages the growth of surrounding plants. This super-high prune at an Otumoetai residence also makes the tree safer to work around.

Queen in Katikati

Palm trees offer great shade to gardens but the seeds can be a real menace for swimming pool owners. In Katikati, these three palms were dropping their seeds and causing problems with the filter, and the roots were beginning to crack the tiles around the pool.


Removal of this Queen Palm and grinding of the stump was a quick and easy job for Trees Done.


This large palm tree was beginning to cause in the driveway beside it, and birds and rats were making a mess everywhere. Four Trees Done arborists took just a day and half to remove this giant tree, with the assistance of a 15m-high cherry picker.


Otumoetai Golf course was the home of this large palm. It was blocking sunlight and presenting a hazard from dead fronds falling with their large spikes. This big job was completed in just one day.